The “Reimagining the Early Years” panel discussion, held as part of the Little People Big Dreams Conference in Darwin, was a truly inspiring event!
We gathered with a shared commitment to prioritise the early years of children in the Northern Territory and throughout our country.
Esteemed panelists Catherine Liddle (CEO of SNAICC-National Voice for our Children), Sam Page (CEO Early Childhood Australia) and Karen Weston (CE of NT Department of Education) and engaged delegates contributed thought-provoking insights and visions for the future, leaving us all with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.
This event highlighted the progress already made and inspired a shared commitment to creating a more inclusive and brighter future for children in their early years. By amplifying our voices and collaborating more effectively, we aim to nurture every child’s potential, ensuring they receive the necessary support and opportunities they deserve.
As champions of Early Childhood Development, we are dedicated to ensuring that every child’s dream flourishes by making a positive contribution to the Commonwealth Government’s Early Years Strategy.