Early Learning & OSHC Services

We take great pride in our services, the learning environments and educational programs that
we provide and are committed to best practice and continuous improvement.

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Early Learning Services

Child Inclusive Learning and Development Australia (Child Australia) is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving outcomes for children. We provide parents and carers with a range of options to help support their individual family needs.

Our practice is guided by evidence-based research and we provide parents and carers with a range of options to help support their individual family needs. From exemplary education and care services through to parent support programs, we aim to ensure that all children are provided with the best possible start in life.

We focus on care, not profits

Not for Profit

We are proud to offer not for profit care that focuses on quality and safety, without the need to prioritise profits.

We invest back in our centre, children and our staff, through nutritious meals, above award wages, professional development opportunities and wellbeing programs to create the best possible environment.

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Pre-school Curriculum

Our programs are led by bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Teachers, and we are proud to offer inspiring learning environments to embrace structured play-based learning.

Our Pre-school curriculum is based on the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), implemented by the government.

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Our Philosophy

  • Tailored care

    Individualised programs for children to feel safe, secure and supported. Our learning programs are based on each child’s individual abilities and interests. Every child has the right to make choices regarding their learning and we encourage children to contribute to their own learning experience.
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  • Play-based curriculum

    Play inspires a desire and curiosity for learning. We understand that children learn best through play and offer them opportunities to make sense of their world through a play-based curriculum including intentional teaching and spontaneous play opportunities.
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  • Best practice care

    We take great pride in the inspiring learning environments and educational programs that we provide. We are committed to best practice and continuous improvement in accordance with the National Quality Framework. All of our services go above and beyond as part of our holistic approach to provide ongoing learning.
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  • Part of a community

    Encouraging each child’s sense of belonging. Our early childhood educators build strong relationships with parents, families and the community to work together to provide the best quality care for children. We create stimulating environments and provide experiences that encourage self-confidence, imagination as well as respect for each other through collaborative learning.
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  • Empowering our educators

    Our staff are the heart and soul of our organisation. We strive to empower our educators with knowledge and resources to ensure each child is given the best possible experience. Ongoing opportunities are provided to constantly develop each educator’s own skills and knowledge to provide richer experiences to the children families bring into our care.
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  • Child Safety

    Our centres are safe spaces that respect equality and diversity, and all environments are carefully designed to ensure children’s safety and wellbeing. Our staff ensure that each child is safe, seen, soothed and secure, and all decision making holds the child at its core. Our staff are highly trained in active supervision practices, and they keep children and families informed about their rights.
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