Providing sound solutions, determined by consultation with
your early learning service’s management.

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Are you a manager looking for some extra support?

We offer a suite of Management and Leadership support packages as well as tailored options to suit you and your services needs!

What is Consultancy?

Ever had an issue in your service that you wish someone could come and help overcome for you?

Our Sector Specialists are available to provide focussed, tailored support, especially for smaller working groups and individuals. We will address key objectives and topics outlined by you and your service.

Consultancy focuses on the service and improving quality and capacity of the team.

A woman stands in front of a white board and teaches 'Blanchard's Situational Model' to the class

How does it work?

Speak to our team today to determine what our Sector Specialists should focus on with your service. 

Your needs will be matched with expert experience and content knowledge, agreed upon in consultation with service management.

In order to provide the best support, we often work with 1-3 individuals, either from across multiple teams, management or committees to identify and assess issues.

We will provide a detailed action plan and reporting, providing evidence that is dependent upon the length and reporting requirements of the consult(s).

Consulting can be done face to face in the Perth Metro area for $200p/h, or virtually if you are in a regional or remote location for $150p/h.

A woman stands in front of a white board and teaches the class

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Our support includes

  • Complete service management

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  • Growing occupancy

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  • Operating Procedures

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  • Marketing and Advertising

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  • Human Resources

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  • Funding Submissions

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  • Reduced Staff Turnover

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  • Governance and Compliance

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  • Recruitment

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  • Rostering

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  • Finance Reporting

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  • Strategic planning

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