The Educational Leaders forum is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of both new and experienced Educational Leaders. Over two immersive days filled with networking and collaboration, we delve into key topics essential to your success. From understanding the legislative requirements of the educational leader role to expanding your skillset for enhancing pedagogical practice, this series covers it all. Prepare to gain insights, tools, and strategies that will enable you to excel in your role and make a lasting impact on your ECEC service. 

By Educational Leaders, for Educational Leaders: What sets this forum apart is the firsthand knowledge and experience shared by seasoned Educational Leaders. Developed by experts who have walked the path, this series offers a hands-on approach to Educational Leadership practice. Expect to walk away with a clearer understanding of the role and actionable steps on how to navigate its complexities. To aid your ongoing growth, each session is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook resource, ensuring you have a valuable reference tool at your disposal. 

Attending the Educational Leaders forum promises a multitude of career benefits that will elevate your leadership journey. Let’s explore a few of them: 

  • Expand your knowledge: Gain a deep understanding of the legislative requirements associated with the educational leader role.  
  • Build your toolkit: Acquire practical tools and resources to support your leadership and mentoring efforts. Discover effective strategies for nurturing and empowering educators in their pedagogical practice. 
  • Navigate learning frameworks: Explore how to effectively work with the NEW approved learning frameworks. Gain insights on aligning your service’s practices with these frameworks, fostering an environment that promotes quality education and care. 
  • Prepare for assessment and rating: Through the eyes of an Educational Leader, gain valuable insights on preparing your service for assessment and rating process. Learn how to effectively demonstrate the quality of education provided under the NQF.  

Join us as we embark on a two-day immersive experience designed to elevate your leadership skills and pave the way for proactive professional development.