A Child’s Voice Research Report

13 Feb 2024
A Child’s Voice Research Report Image

Last year Child Australia’s Dr Victoria Absalom-Hornby and Dr Madeleine Dobson from Curtin University (both members of The Children’s Collective) teamed up to conduct research asking children for their voice and views, their perception of being a child, how they are valued and how they can add value within their community.

“The voice of a child is significant. Children are citizens with rights who deserve to be recognised as significant community members who are key to a thriving population. For children to truly flourish we must provide opportunities for them to actively participate in different areas of society; to have a voice, to be heard and to take part in action for change in an ever changing environment. In valuing our children, we should ensure that children are at the forefront of our minds in decision-making.”

Recommendations from the report for consideration by school communities and their educators and families include:

  • Making student voices and views visible and embedded at all levels and an integral part of the school’s strategic direction.
  • Ensuring play has a strong emphasis within the whole-school culture, inclusive of all students and extended to the staff cohort.
  • Creating, sustaining, and communicating methods of support for all children of different ages, needs, and identities throughout the school.
  • Designing projects in partnership with students aimed at connecting with their community, and facilitating their safe participation in enacting change.

Download “A Child’s Voice” Report