Supporting Children in Early Childhood Education and Care WA | Grants Program 2nd Round

4 Jul 2024
Supporting Children in Early Childhood Education and Care WA | Grants Program 2nd Round Image

The Australian Government and all states and territories have recommitted to strengthening preschool education through the Preschool Reform Agreement (PRA) in its second round. The aim of this ambitious national reform is to ensure that every child has access to high-quality early education.

Preschool, commonly known as kindergarten in Western Australia, plays a crucial role in providing children with a solid foundation before starting full-time school. The Grants Program, established following stakeholder engagement in Western Australia, is now open again to distribute funding to the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector. The Supporting Children in ECEC WA Grants Program aims to assist ECEC settings in securing funding for initiatives that improve outcomes for children and support their transition to school.

Aligned with the objectives of the PRA, the Grants Program is committed to providing universal access to affordable and high-quality preschool programs for all children. It aims to enhance preschool participation and outcomes, particularly for specific demographics such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children in regional or remote communities, and those experiencing disadvantage or from diverse backgrounds. Objectives of the PRA include:

  • maintaining universal access to affordable, quality preschool programs for all children
  • improving participation in preschool programs
  • maximising the benefit of the preschool year by improving outcomes for children

The first round of the Supporting Children in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) WA Grant Program has yielded remarkable outcomes, with 16 services successfully receiving over $1 million in funding. This financial support has positively impacted nearly 6,000 children across the region, highlighting the program’s success in fostering high-quality Early Childhood Education.

Ewin Early Learning Centre, one of the grant recipient’s, utilised the funding for comprehensive professional development for their Committee, Educators and Leadership Team. Additionally, they have designed and constructed a nature-based play area and acquired First Nations teaching aids and resources, enhancing their educational offerings.

Goodstart Early Learning has also benefited significantly from the grant, using the funds to support professional learning and development, provide Allied Health Services and purchase essential educational resources. These resources include advanced Kindergarten learning environments, as well as Mathematics and Science learning tools, ensuring a robust educational experience for their young learners.

These success stories underscore the substantial impact of the ECEC WA Grant Program and its role in elevating Early Childhood Education standards across Western Australia.

Western Australia Minister for Early Childhood Education, Sabine Winton, said initiatives such as the ECEC WA Grant Program helps ensure children are set up for success later in life.

“Quality early childhood education and care services are crucial in ensuring children have the best possible start to life. It’s fantastic to partner with Child Australia and the Commonwealth Government to deliver these grants to our early childhood education and care sector,” Minister Winton said.

Ms Tina Holtom, CEO of Child Australia, expressed pride in supporting the WA Government in distributing funds to the ECEC sector to benefit children preparing for their transition to school.

Eligible services can now from 1 July 2024, submit applications for the Supporting Children in ECEC WA Grants. Services are encouraged to review the Grant Guidelines to ensure eligibility and prepare all necessary application requirements for a smooth process.

Full Grant details are available on Child Australia’s website.