Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 WA ECLD Sector Awards!

9 May 2024
Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 WA ECLD Sector Awards! Image

Child Australia, and collaborating partners REED WA, Wanslea, Goodstart, MercyCare, The Y WA and Meerilinga, hosted the 2024 WA Early Childhood Learning and Development (ECLD) Sector Awards at the Pan Pacific Hotel on Saturday 4 May 2024.

The awards ceremony provided a platform to honour and celebrate the exceptional efforts of individuals and organisations who have shown exceptional commitment to improving outcomes for children and families in the Early Childhood Sector.

“Following the success of last year’s inaugural Sector Awards, this year’s event experienced an overwhelming response, with nominations doubling to over 200. It is truly wonderful to witness so many exceptional professionals being recognised by their peers and sector leaders.” said Tina Holtom, CEO of Child Australia.

A total of 24 finalists were chosen across 8 award categories to acknowledge those who have made significant contributions to the Early Childhood sector. The event brought together over 200 guests to share inspiring stories throughout the evening.

An independent judging panel, comprising experts from Tertiary Education, independent training organisations, and leading sector consultants, faced the challenging task of selecting the winners

As well as the recognition that these awards bring, winners received tickets to the Early Childhood Learning and Development Immersion Unplugged professional learning experience and were awarded a $1,500 cash prize.

The Awards are proudly sponsored by the Department of Communities, collaborating partners, and newcomers Insight Education, Save Our Service and SNAICC.

“These Awards not only recognise outstanding professionals in the sector but also serve as a beacon of inspiration for emerging educators, guiding them towards excellence and improved outcomes for children.” said Ms Holtom.

“I am proud to support initiatives that recognise the importance of early childhood education and celebrate the exceptional individuals and organisations in the sector. I commend the educators and leaders that are shaping the future for our children”, said Early Childhood Education Minister Sabine Winton

The Award Winners

  • Laura Van Duin
    North Fremantle School of Early Learning

    Laura is a mentor for new educators in the centre and excels as a lead educator in the Kindy room.

    Laura embodies the centre’s values and demonstrates best practices in caring for and educating children and seeks professional development opportunities to enhance her skills.

    Laura’s involvement in creating and maintaining the centre’s RAP with Narragunnawali and connecting with the community showcases her dedication to fostering a sense of togetherness for children and families, working closely with several allied health staff and external support agencies.

  • Kelli Gander
    Ruth Landau Harp Early Learning

    The staff team and families at Ruth Landau ELC Centre came together to highlight Kelli’s exceptional leadership and the positive impact she has had on the community.  

    Evidence and testimonials showcase Kelli’s dedication to making a difference in the lives of children, families and educators in Perth.  

    Kelli has played a key role in bringing the Centre forward in programming and practice, while also supporting staff to grow and succeed. Kelli offers support and demonstrates leadership, guidance and mentorship to the team. 

  • Brooke Maynard
    on behalf of One Tree Millars Well Children’s Service

    One Tree Millars Well Children’s Service located in Karratha, demonstrates excellence in working in partnerships with families, community, and the local primary school on Ngarluma country.

    Millers Well prioritise and practice inclusiveness, they value family input, and engage in community support activities in Karratha, including collaborations with Roebourne Regional prison workcamp.

    They implement effective school transitions and engage in intergenerational activities with Yaandina Aged Care.

  • Meerilinga Woodvale Early Learning Program

    Programs that are focused on sustainable edible gardens, teaching children about sustainability including wicking beds, composting, caring for animals, like chickens and worms and the importance of caring for country. The community’s enthusiasm for the garden inspired the team to adopt a local park.

    The team are committed to sustainability pledges, such as becoming a laminate-free zone and reducing paper usage. The centre has partnered with TerraCycle to collect hard-to-recycle items and educate children on proper recycling practices.

    The service became St. Nic’s first-ever sub-hub, collecting specific items for recycling. This service exhibits an outstanding commitment to sustainable practices ensuring they involve children and families in recycling.

  • Goodstart Early Learning Warnbro

    Goodstart Warnbro identified challenges educators faced in ways to support children and staff to improve their focus on inclusion, wellbeing, and best practice.

    Analysing AEDC data led to embedding inclusive practices, involving partnerships with families, community providers, and training opportunities, including engagement with NDIS for early intervention pathways and collaborations with organisations like Ear Bus and Autism Australia.

    Their commitment extended beyond the center across WA. Prioritising early intervention and individualised support, providing access to community programs, workshops, and allied health professionals.

  • Goodstart Early Learning Parmelia

    Goodstart Parmelia’s Reconciliation Action Plan is a practical plan of action built on relationships, respect, trust and opportunities to continue building awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culture as well as continuing to build and maintain their centres diversity and inclusive workplace.

    The centre team have achieved several goals in their reconciliation journey, and they connect regularly with local Elders and the City of Kwinana. The staff are committed to cultural responsiveness and the journey to reconciliation.

  • Kristen McPhail
    Pachamama Early Education and Childcare

    Pachamama demonstrates exceptional dedication to outdoor education, offering immersive learning experiences in expansive natural settings.

    Through meticulously designed spaces and innovative structures, children engage in hands-on exploration and play, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. Providing transformative experiences that promote holistic development.

    An important highlight at Pachamama is the importance placed on learning environments as the third teacher when educators support and plan for children’s ongoing learning and development.

  • Rosina Mastrolembo
    Brockman Community Centre

    Rosina has secured significant funding for a new facility, prioritises educator wellbeing, and fosters inclusivity through various initiatives.

    Rosina fosters a family-friendly and solution-focused environment through initiatives like Be You and team-building events. She elevates the quality of care and seeks growth opportunities for the team.

    Rosina ensures inclusivity by assisting families with additional needs and cultural adjustments, collaborating with organisations like Second Bite and Oz Harvest for community support.

    Rosina demonstrates proactive leadership that has led to the implementation of programs like Happy Feet and the creation of a preschool program.