The Educator Recognition Program has kicked off in Port Hedland and Newman! 

13 Feb 2024
The Educator Recognition Program has kicked off in Port Hedland and Newman!  Image

Child Australia & BHP offer educators wage supplements and professional development in the Pilbara. 

The Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector across the country continues to be plagued by critical workforce shortages. The Sector has been well documented as being hit hard with high levels of burn-out and illness resulting in added pressure on staff more broadly. 

Thriving Futures provides an opportunity to set a new standard in supporting the EC workforce in the Pilbara, which is vital to support our educators. This is done through the Educator Recognition Program (ERP) and will raise the professionalism of the workforce entrusted with the critical role – to care for our children. 

It is not possible to progress the professionalisation of the sector without the appropriate conditions to attract and retain a suitably skilled workforce. The ERP provides the opportunity to access increased wages, professional development, career pathways and more.  

Child Australia CEO Tina Holtom said “We’re really excited about what this Educator Recognition Program can do for Educators at the participating Thriving Futures centres in Hedland and Newman. We look forward to truly transforming this profession.” 

Professional Practice Consultant AJ stated “I am VERY excited about what the ERP means for participating services”. AJ added “not only will the services be able to incentivize their teams financially, but this will mean real commitment to professional growth. The ERP supports individuals to be acknowledged for the amazing work they do every day, while encouraging them to embed new learned knowledge within their practice.” We are looking forward to seeing a higher staff retention rate and attracting new entrants into the ECEC sector. 


Are you an educator and want to know more? 

Educators will have the opportunity to upskill through free professional development, scholarships and ongoing mentoring. Most of the Professional Development and Mentoring is offered during work hours and won’t disrupt time at home. 

Educators get to improve their professional practice as a Qualified Educator and will get paid extra to do so.  

Educators will have access to the following benefits: 

  • Wage Supplements  
  • Improved formal qualifications 
  • Career Development pathways 
  • Professional Development 
  • Scholarships & Mentoring 


Want to know what educators have been saying? 

Jennie Kelly from Treloar Child Care Centre said “This ERP pilot couldn’t have come at a better time for the centres and the ECEC sector’. She added “For me as Centre Director it’s emotional to finally see genuine, passionate, and selfless educators given the opportunity of wage subsidies, financially reflecting their true worth.” 

“It’s empowering as a team to feel supported and inspired. Furthering our professional development and skill set together as a team, whilst watching our centre soar.”  

“Providing higher quality care as well as confidently building to full capacity, with the strong sense of educator retention and the knowledge to succeed.”  

“We are incredibly grateful to the Thriving Futures/Child Australia team and BHP to be chosen, ultimately benefiting our children and community. How unbelievably rewarding in every way. The sky is the limit for the team at Treloar!”  


Educators at the Treloar Child Care Centre have been positive and eager to start the program. When Jennie asked her staff about their feelings toward the ERP program, their feedback included: 

Diane, Assistant Educator 3-5: ”It’s a good thing, I’m excited for it!” 

Fiona, ASC & VAC Co-ordinator: “ Looking forward to it, especially the mentoring and bouncing new ideas as an involved team” 

Kiara, Qualified relief: “It’s amazing, I’d sign straight up, it really is an awesome opportunity” 

Rachel, Ed Leader: “It’s motivating and inspiring, a great way to receive educator input. Goals and aspirations for yourself to achieve not only personally but as a team.”