Staff committed to food health & safety practices

13 Feb 2024
Staff committed to food health & safety practices Image
We are so proud of our staff for their continuous commitment to ensuring our services are implementing the correct health and safety measures to ensure children are kept safe. 
Our Early Learning Centres were recently visited by a representative from the WA Health Department for food safety audits and received some lovely feedback.
“I have been auditing since 2012 and would like to acknowledge how James* demonstrated excellent skills and knowledge. As part of the audit, I was required to observe staff prepare a breast milk or formula bottle for a child and ask questions on activities related to food safety.
I observed James washing his hands in the correct sink using warm water and a paper towel to turn off the tap reducing risk of re-contaminating hands. His hands were dried properly where any remaining bacteria was removed and put on gloves.
James prepared a formula bottle in a hygienic and sanitary way where he was able to advise on the short shelf life of powdered formula and the box milk in the fridge as these items when opened can only be kept for the time noted on the item.
I questioned James on food allergens for children in the room where he advised of how the allergens and special requirements are managed.
I observed James monitoring the temperature of the fridge and questioned him on critical limits and corrective action to be taken when the fridge temperature is outside of the critical limits.
I finally asked James about the procedure for cleaning and sanitising the benchtop surfaces and he was able to include the step that reduces bacteria on a clean surface.”
– WA Health Department Approved Food Safety Auditor
*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the staff member.