Response to the Early Years Strategy Discussion paper

13 Feb 2024
Response to the Early Years Strategy Discussion paper Image

After the release of the Commonwealth Government’s Early Years Strategy Discussion paper, Child Australia welcomed the opportunity to provide feedback in collaboration with nine other leading early childhood education and care providers in the state.

The consortium comprises several distinguished organisations, all of whom have been working collaboratively for years to advocate for children and families. Our combined expertise, resources, and dedication enable us to effectively promote the interests of children and families across the state.

Our members include

Our collective mission revolves around supporting children and families, and we firmly believe that an effective Early Years Strategy will pave the way for a brighter future. The Strategy will serve as a roadmap to inform Commonwealth government policies and programs for the next decade or more and our expectation is to see Australian children provided with the best possible opportunity to thrive.

By ensuring inclusivity, universal proportionality, evidence-based approaches, and accountability, we believe the strategy will serve as a catalyst for positive change.

The full response document can be read here.

As consortium members, we eagerly anticipate the development of an Early Years Strategy that encompasses our shared vision of a brighter future for children and families. We remain committed to actively contributing to the implementation of the strategy and continuing our collaborative efforts to advocate for the well-being and development of children throughout Australia.