Celebrating the everyday heroes who tirelessly work behind the scenes to shape the future! 

Child Australia’s CEO Tina Holtom expressed her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the educators, support teams and leaders across the organisation for their exceptional commitment to the children across our various settings. Tina said, “Your impact is immeasurable, shaping little lives that will carry your kindness for years to come.” 

A Noble Calling 

Tina shared her insights on what it means to be an educator: “I often speak to governments, stakeholders, and anyone who will listen really…on what it truly means to be an educator. While it has been some time since I worked directly with children, I know that being an educator is most definitely not for the faint-hearted. You can experience all seasons in one day, and just when you reach the brink of insanity, you see the little faces, the cheeky smiles…and suddenly, they bring you right back.”

Tina expressed that for her, Educators have a critical role in the lives of children. She emphasised, “You are magical dream weavers nurturing the tiny sparks in generations of little hearts. There really is nothing that quite compares to a role so privileged that helps to shape, guide and nurture a child. I really hope you know just how amazing you are.”

A Happy Educators Day to all!  

Tina ends her message with these inspiring words, “Enjoy your special day, and remember to celebrate YOU! Your passion and dedication lights the way for generations to come and there really is no other job in the world that quite compares. Thank you for all that you do.” 

On this special occasion, #TeamChildAustralia extends our warmest wishes to every educator out there! Your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts are changing lives and shaping the future.  

Happy Educators Day to the heroes who make a difference every day! ❤️