A book that stands out as a tool for promoting inclusivity and self-acceptance in children is “You’re Fabulous As You Are” by Sophie Beer.

It’s essential to create inclusive learning environments that celebrate individuality. “You’re Fabulous As You Are” is an ideal choice for educators and caregivers seeking to foster a sense of belonging among children aged 3 to 8.

  • Title: You’re as fabulous as you are
  • Written and Illustrated by: Sophie Beer
  • Age group: Ages 3 – 8
  • Links to EYLF and MTOP: This book gives children the opportunity to develop a strong sense of identity, understand their unique selves and the importance of celebrating themselves exactly as they are.

Sophie Beer celebrates gender expression in all forms in “You’re Fabulous As You Are” – whether it’s wearing sparkly tutus or stomping around in big black boots, to having messy fun or needing quiet time. “You’re Fabulous As You Are” tells children it’s okay to choose any colour or change your mind, and encourages them to be completely and unashamedly their fabulous selves.

We hope you enjoy our book recommendation, stay tuned for more and happy reading!