A book that serves as a gentle introduction to trauma and how children can best cope. It is a resource that helps little ones begin to understand the complexities of challenging situations.

“Help Your Dragon Cope with Trauma”  highlights the gorgeous relationship between a human child and their dragon. Together they have so much fun engaging in play, birthday parties, and happy and sad times.

However, life takes an unexpected turn, much like it can for any child. In the pages of this story, the dragon experiences a traumatic event, leaving him with bad dreams, upset tummies, a desire to run away and hide, a sad heart and bad thoughts.

The child in this book becomes a source of support for the dragon. With gentle guidance, he helps the dragon talk about and understand his experience, gives him practical advice and activities to do to understand his feelings.

What sets “Help Your Dragon Cope with Trauma” apart is its gentle approach to a difficult subject. It’s not a scary story nor an explicit account of traumatic events. Instead, it serves as a very gentle introduction to the concept of trauma and how we can best cope with it.

“Help Your Dragon Cope with Trauma” is one book that forms part of a series. This book is just one of the heartfelt titles in this series, alongside “Teach Your Dragon About Feelings”, “Teach Your Dragon About Empathy” and “The Mindful Dragon”.