LDCPDP Funding: Use it or Lose it!

13 Feb 2024
LDCPDP Funding: Use it or Lose it! Image

LDCPDP: Use it or Lose it!

30th June is fast approaching and that will mark the end of the LDCPDP funding.  What does this mean for your Service? It means that if you haven’t yet spent your allocation of funds, you will need to repay it back to the Government.

YES, you read that right; you will have to pay it back.
Now that’s crazy!!! Who wants to pay it back?

Using our “Buy Now Book Later” offer we can help to secure your funding, long past the 30th June and ensure that you maximise access to quality professional development for your team. Simply click on the image below to book a consult today!

How is it possible? Easy…

Our Professional Learning Consultants can assist your Service to develop a quality Professional Development plan that truly reflects the needs of individual staff and your Service. From onsite coaching and support through to online classes, there really is something available for everyone.

Book your consult today and we can arrange a suitable time to get started. We have a couple of options to choose from:

PD Plan Support $199

  • 2 hour onsite consultancy
  • Review of your QIP and help to embed the new PD Plan throughout
  • Review of your existing PD Plans and help to identify gaps
  • Staff Skills Audit

 Virtual PD Plan $99

  • 1 hour phone or online Consultancy
  • Review your QIP and help to embed the new PD Plan throughout