Our recommended book for your service as we enter the new year is titled “Luke’s Way of Looking”.

  • Title: Luke’s Way of Looking
  • Written and Illustrated by: Nadia Wheatley & Matt Ottley
  • Age group: Ages 3 years and above
  • Links to EYLF:
    • Principle – Equity, inclusion and high expectation
    • Practices – Holistic, integrated and interconnected approaches

Exploring Unique Perspectives

Stepping into the new year is the perfect time to reflect on the themes of self-discovery, uniqueness and the courage to embrace individuality.

“Luke’s Way of Looking” by Nadia Wheatley and Matt Ottley is a captivating and award-winning tale that beautifully explores the power of individuality. In a room where conformity is the norm, Luke stands out with his unique perspective on the world. The story delicately portrays Luke’s struggle to find his place and the loneliness that accompanies feeling different. Yet, hope blossoms when he stumbles upon a place that resonates with him, transforming his entire perception of the world.

Authors Wheatley and Ottley skillfully craft a narrative that celebrates diversity and underscores the importance of embracing one’s distinctiveness. In addition, the book is visually stunning and the illustrations make it emotionally resonant. Therefore, it creates a poignant and inspiring read for all ages.

A recommended book for your service

“Luke’s Way of Looking” is a perfect book for your service as it serves as a reminder that our differences are what make us unique and should be celebrated. Furthermore, it aligns seamlessly with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) principles of equity, inclusion and setting high expectations. The book also promotes holistic, integrated and interconnected approaches.

Luke’s tale encourages us to start the new year with a commitment to openness, understanding and appreciation for the diverse perspectives. By embracing our uniqueness and encouraging others to do the same, we create a world thriving on acceptance, empathy and the celebration of individuality.