Child Australia is proud to share our new RAP Artwork, “Koorlang” by Rosie Paine. “Koorlang” is a visual testament to the dedication we hold in advancing our journey towards reconciliation and creating a truly inclusive and culturally aware workplace. 

CEO Tina Holtom says, “Ensuring our First Nations staff, families and communities feel connected to our organisation’s mission and vision is a key priority for us, seeing the many voices beautifully brought to life in this artwork is a truly impactful moment for us all.” 

What the artwork means  

At the centre of the artwork is the child, surrounded by a community where they grow, thrive and reach their potential. This growth, potential and ability to thrive is represented by the dotted pathway that runs through the child from the top to the bottom of the artwork. Around the Child Australia logo are six U shapes representing the organisation’s core values. The smaller U shapes represent children, while the larger U shapes represent the adults within a child’s community. The small dotted circles throughout the artwork serve as an Acknowledgement of Country to the many lands that Child Australia operates on.  

A Long and Fruitful Reconciliation Journey  

Child Australia’s reconciliation journey has been a testament to patience, persistence and dedication.  

RAP Champion Connie Borg said, “Our reconciliation Journey to date has been a long and fruitful one. Long because we are spread out throughout WA and the NT and have many unique ways of being. Fruitful because our journey led us to Rosie who in developing this artwork completed our RAP. I am so proud of what we have achieved at Child Australia particularly the way our people have actively challenged unfairness and spoken up for equity. Thank you Rosie, your artwork captures what makes us uniquely Child Australia.” 

CEO Tina Holtom added, “we were incredibly grateful & honoured to have had Rosie carefully nurture us through the process of developing a beautiful art piece that was truly representative of the many lands on which Child Australia operates.” 

The unveiling of the RAP artwork marks an impactful moment for all Child Australia staff. Crafted with passion and understanding by artist Rosie Paine, the artwork serves as a powerful symbol of our commitment towards reconciliation. It is a celebration of unity, understanding and progress towards a more inclusive society that respects and values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of this nation. 

Read our full Reconciliation Action Plan here.