Calling emerging leaders in the NT!

13 Feb 2024
3 women at a desk with food and papers planning and talking.

Has anyone ever told you – “you would make a great leader”? We know how exhilarating (or overwhelming!) this moment can be.

So often as emerging leaders in Early Childhood Education and Care we have mixed feelings and insecurities about our own leadership skills, but someone sees and recognises our potential. Someone has seen that you inspire people, encourage positive change or even spotted the little things you do that make a big difference.

Is this resonating with you? Someone may be encouraging you to step up into a new leadership position, or maybe you’re trying to upskill before you take that next career move.

Imagine having the opportunity to take a step back and nourish your inner leader by doing some dedicated training that will support you within this new or prospective role. It would be a space where you can connect and network with other people within the same position, on different leadership levels. Now imagine how empowered you would feel after not just one, but two days of being in this space! You will realise that you are ready, confident and able to navigate your way through your role and motivate others in this ever-changing world.

The Emerging Leaders development series is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Join us to explore the business side of the ECEC sector like never before; expand your knowledge using current resources, uncover key business drivers and learn how to safeguard the business. Appreciating risk mitigation, the benefits of strong management systems and the impact your staff have on their team and the community will have you confident to handle any crisis… even a pandemic.

How Emerging Leaders can help your career:

  • Move into roles such as 2IC, Director or Area Manager;
  • Gain knowledge on how to navigate sector specific resources and information;
  • Generate a “toolkit” that will support you wherever you go within the sector;
  • Grow confidence in having difficult conversations and encouraging accountability in others;
  • Avoiding burn out through understanding your own and others professional boundaries, and how to manage more demanding daily tasks.

You have been recognised already as a leader, someone who is able to inspire and motivate others. It is now time to believe it without that sense of feeling overwhelmed. You will be able to unpack the different roles within your service, particularly connecting with and encouraging the influence of your Educational Leader and work as an effective team as you work your way to achieve the quality education and care that every child needs.