Becoming Attached, “First Relationships and How They Shape Our Capacity to Love” by Robert Karen

13 Feb 2024
An educator teaches a child about facial expressions

Have you ever wondered about attachment theory and how attachment really happens?

If so, then “First Relationships and How They Shape Our Capacity to Love” by Robert Karen is a great read for you!

This book begins with an overview of attachment theory and how it has evolved over time. It uncovers the emotional development of children within their unique relationships with their families and pertinence to adult life.

Throughout the book, Karen addresses issues which include, what children need to feel good about in the world and themselves, the effects of childcare on children under the age of one, and how experiences during infancy influence one’s ability to develop healthy relationships as an adult.

Karen also explores how different approaches to mothering are associated with specific infant behaviours, such as clinginess, avoidance or secure exploration. She highlights how these patterns become ingrained and reveal themselves at age two, in preschool, middle childhood and even into adulthood.

You will discover that this book will take you on a journey of personal discovery. Karen’s insights will challenge your thinking and give you a fresh perspective on how negative patterns and insecure attachments can be changed and resolved throughout a person’s life.