In celebration of World Autism Awareness Month this April, we recommend the book “My Awesome Autism: Helping children learn about their autism diagnosis”.

The book is a valuable resource for promoting autism awareness and acceptance in Early Childhood Education and Care settings.

“My Awesome Autism” celebrates individuality and empowers children to embrace their uniqueness, highlighting just how brilliant they are for being themselves!

The main character Eddie, who is diagnosed with autism, shows that we are all different, unique, have many strengths and talents. He reminds children that they are loved and valued.

With a message of pride in individual differences, Eddie says, “be proud of who you are”, aiming for every child to feel a little ‘lift’ from this book!

Eddie shares how he navigates his environments and teaches his readers in a cheerful and positive way!

Perfect for Ages 3 to 7 years, Eddie helps all children learn about autism, what it is like for him and how “we are all different and that’s wonderful!’

By integrating books like “My Awesome Autism” into your reading nooks, educators can cultivate inclusive environments that embrace diversity and cater to children with diverse needs.

As educators, it’s crucial to create inclusive settings where all children, including those with additional needs, feel valued and supported. By understanding the principles outlined in the EYLF and MTOP Frameworks, we can better fulfill this role.

Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of your role as an educator in creating inclusive environments?

Check out our latest blog for insights into incorporating the principles of the EYLF and MTOP Frameworks to support all children, including those with autism.