A day for Ukraine at Child Australia Lockridge Early Learning Centre

13 Feb 2024
A day for Ukraine at Child Australia Lockridge Early Learning Centre Image

We were privileged to invite refugee families from the Ukraine to our Early Learning Centre in Lockridge to enjoy a day of song, dance, art and story time.  

Working with the Ukrainian Association of WA, the Child Australia community came together with donated items to help families transition into their new home. 

“Our new friends have arrived with nothing but a suitcase and some horrible memories,” said Lockridge Educator Simone (Mona) Litwin. “We want to welcome them warmly and start connecting them with the surrounding community.” 

Mona learned about the refugees coming to the Morley area through the local Ukrainian Society. Being from Ukraine herself, Mona approached Assistant Director Amanda with some ideas to warmly welcome the families and create a learning opportunity for the children at the centre. 

“This is an opportunity for us to reach out and share some of our Australian culture,” said Mona. “But also for our children to learn a little bit more about Ukraine. The children will get to participate in a Ukrainian dancing workshop and try on traditional Ukrainian clothing. They will also learn how to greet their new Ukrainian friends and record some special greetings to be shared overseas. We’ll be finishing the day with some arts and crafts to make the Ukrainian flag.” 

Lockridge Assistant Director Amanda said, “we are delighted to have the opportunity for the centre to be involved in such a meaningful and important event in these families’ lives. We know it is only a small humble difference that we can make but we are pleased to do so. Children are the next generation and kindness and understanding doesn’t have an age but will stick a lifetime”.   

CEO Tina Holtom stated, ‘we can’t even begin to imagine the atrocities suffered by millions of children, but as we welcome these families to our campus, we hope that the children will begin to experience kindness, gentleness,  laughter and joy. We hope that their new home brings them safety, belonging, comfort, and peace in their hearts.”

Our Lockridge centre strives to support every child and family at the centre and their local community. The Lockridge centre specialises in trauma informed practice and cares for vulnerable families. 

The day was featured on ABC News – click here to watch the segment