The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia V2.0

13 Feb 2024
The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia V2.0 Image

Did you know that the first Early Years Learning Framework came out in 2009?  In the same year, these things were already happening in the world…

  • Swine flu
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was the most popular movie
  • The rise of the rideshare economy was happening – Uber
  • Planking was a trend
  • The ice bucket challenge was popular

Since then we have had ….

  • The introduction of the iPad (2010)
  • Snapchat is launched (2011)
  • Gangnam Style took over the world (2012)
  • Netflix arrives in Australia (2015)
  • COVID sweeps the world (2019)
  • Australia has had 7 prime ministers (if you count Kevin Rudd twice)

Phew! That’s a lot of change! So, it was probably time for the EYLF to have update as well!

It was no easy feat; the updates were based on a literature review of 475 studies and 19 international frameworks. And it wasn’t just new clarifications and expanded explanations… there were changes to all of the elements themselves! All of these things were brought together to strengthen the connection across all educational communities.

Now that the EYLF V2.0 has been released, we need to begin transitioning to it by early 2024. But without understanding the changes to the principles and practices… implementing those changes can be challenging.

Seems like no better time to take a deep dive into what it all really means!

Come along to our full-day forum for hands-on unpacking of the EYLF V2.0.  We’ll be looking at the principles, practices, and outcomes while exploring and unpacking new terminology through collaborative investigation.  The practical application of the framework throughout the forum provides opportunities for those just getting to know the EYLF, or want to know more about the changes, or perhaps have been working in the sector for a while to gain deeper understanding of the framework.