We’re thrilled to share a book that’s sure to captivate young readers and inspire important conversations about diversity and self-acceptance!

  • Title: My Shadow is Pink
  • Written and Illustrated by: Scott Stuart
  • Age group: School Age – OSHC
  • Link to MTOP: Principle – Equity, inclusion and high expectations

“My Shadow is Pink” is a heartwarming and impactful children’s book that addresses important themes such as inclusion, gender identity, self-acceptance, equality and diversity. Through the support of his father, the main character learns that everyone has aspects of themselves they might feel the need to hide at times.

An essential addition to children’s literature, promoting the concepts of unconditional love, respect and positive parenting. By exploring and embracing individuality and breaking free from gender stereotypes, “My Shadow is Pink” fosters a positive message of acceptance and encourages children and adults alike to celebrate diversity and authenticity.

Through the pages of “My Shadow is Pink,” young readers will learn that it’s okay to be different and that love and support can make all the difference. This story is a beautiful reminder that our differences are what make us unique, and they should be celebrated with open hearts.

We hope you enjoy our book recommendation, stay tuned for more and happy reading!