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As part of our staged migration to Outlook on Office 365 your mailboxes have begun migration!

This means that your desktop mailbox will be uploaded to a cloud server on Office 365 with no interference to your working day. When complete (this will depend on the size of your mailboxes) You will no longer need RDP to check your emails!
Just restart your Desktop Outlook Email Client when Microsoft Outlook asks you, making sure you are NOT doing this in RDP.
Once restarted you may be asked for your login username and password but is all there should be to it.
Also your Outlook Email account can now also be accessed through any browser at https://login.microsoftonline.com
When this is completed if you have chosen to use your mobile phone for emails you will need to delete your old account on your phone if you have one and simply re-add another account with your work email as the username and your work password for the password. Check out the video “Installing Outlook Office 365 Email on Your Mobile Device” on this page for more help!

Installing Outlook Office 365 Email on Your Mobile Device

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