Quality Improvement Planning: Creating a sustainable & meaningful QIP process

13 Feb 2024
Quality Improvement Planning: Creating a sustainable & meaningful QIP process Image

Does the idea of Quality Improvement Planning make you feel anxious or overwhelmed? Is the QIP a document that you often leave until the last minute to update… possibly ignoring those calendar reminders each month to “update” or “add progress notes” to your QIP?

The document commonly known as “The QIP” or Quality Improvement Plan, to those in the early education and care sector, may induce a range of feelings, especially the sense of overwhelm if you have just received your “letter” from the Regulatory Unit. A lot of these emotions and anxieties around the QIP and the process of quality improvement planning, can be confusing and you end up putting it to the side. This comes from a space of uncertainty, not knowing what to include or not feeling supported with resourcing.

The good news is those feelings won’t last for long once you start building your confidence and skillset around quality improvement with the knowledge and resources. With targeted support and information, you will soon be able to see Quality Improvement Planning as one of your biggest assets to your service. Imagine having a living documented plan for improvement within your service, educators, and service families, interacting with your QIP planning and progress, with the challenge of time and delegation almost not existing anymore… This is not a lovely idea, but a reality that you can achieve!

Following the many requests from the ECEC sector to provide QIP specific workshops and support, we are excited to provide you with a full day workshop. Our one-day course “Quality Improvement Planning: Creating a sustainable & meaningful QIP process” will connect you with our highly experienced team of consultants, who will take you on a journey of unpacking the quality improvement planning process, using tips and tricks to ensure a meaningful and sustainable process and plan.

Across the day you will explore topics such as the requirement of quality improvement through the scope of the National Quality Framework, starting with your service philosophy. You will gain confidence around the cycle of quality improvement, practice self-assessment, discuss evidence and data collection, analysis and how to use this when writing your QIP document. Being provided the practical opportunity to network and connect with other participants, you will develop a toolkit of resources and practical ideas to support your goal writing and delivery within your teams and service community.

Catering will be provided to ensure focus as well as a range of supporting documents within the workbook, and practical support. Participants are asked to bring along their existing service philosophy and QIP if available, as well as photos and/or any examples that you would like to share.