Preparing for Assessment and Rating: The Process – ARCHIVED Webinar

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All services are assessed against the seven national quality areas.

The 16 week process of assessment can be a scary time with much anxiety for approved providers, directors, coordinators, educational leaders, teachers, room leaders, educators and anyone else involved in the operation of a service. This webinar outlines the processes step by step, with insights to different ideas along the timeline to the final assessment. If you have just received notification or wanting to better prepare your team, this webinar promises clarity and confidence in the process for all practitioners. 

During the webinar we will cover;

  • Who conducts ratings visits
  • The timeline of assessment
  • How do assessors assess quality
  • Tools and guides for self assessment
  • Ideas to lower assessment panic

Links to NQS: QA4 and QA7

Additional information

Preparing for Assessment and Rating: The Process

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