Effective Transitions ($200 per hour)

Transitions are an important part of a child’s learning and development, and a necessary part of the day. Assisting children through the ‘changes’ or transitions in their day helps build the capacity of children to cope with change in life. Children can respond to change in a number of ways – which can impact on the child, their peers, educators and families. Educators can reduce levels of stress and anxiety and guide appropriate behaviours through thoughtful planning of transitions. Awareness of the emotional development of children enables educators to observe, identify, reflect and plan for smooth transitions in any environment.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Recognise the range of transitions that occur in an education and care setting.
  2. Identify the impact that stress and anxiety can cause in a child due to ineffective transitions.
  3. Acknowledge the contribution the educator can make to ensure effective transitions.
  4. Reflect on current transition practices and identify goals for improvement.


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