We believe that investing in our people is the best investment we can make.

Our staff are the heart and soul of our organisation and we’re grateful for the continuous support and dedication they bring to work every day.

After Fair Work Australia’s ruling of an increase of 4.6% to minimum wage, Child Australia Board and Senior Leadership decided all staff would be receiving a wage increase of the full amount.

“Massive [applause] for those who made all of this happen. A full 4.6% increase for everyone and the additional features that you offer. This results into so many happy people. I take my hat off to the Senior Leadership team for you leading this way. Child Australia is a superb place to work” – Corporate Team Member.

“This is amazing news! A huge thank you to our Senior leadership team and board for the ongoing support and recognition of our teams” – Centre Director.

In addition to the wage increase, Child Australia are offering a range of new benefits and initiatives:

Wage Benefits

  • Pay 5-15% above award wages
  • Salary increase of 4.6% for every staff member
  • 50% discount on childcare gap fees for every staff member

Innovative ideas

  • 9-day fortnight pilot program
  • New Awards & Recognition programs

Ongoing Professional Development

  • New leadership development initiatives for our staff
  • Ongoing PD and more… we’ve got a whole list of exciting things happening!

Whether our team work tirelessly supporting children, families and communities, or provide support behind the scenes, we believe the work deserves to be recognised!

“Thank you Child Australia! To be recognised as a true valued team worker is very inspiring to keep up the great work we all do.” – Educator.

“Thank you Child Australia! For never failing to acknowledge our efforts. We are very lucky to be part of a company that values the employee more than just a number but as an integral part of the organisation. Excited for what is coming for Child Australia” – Educator.

If these benefits are something you are interested in being a part of, take a look at our employment page to stay up to date with current job vacancies.