Management Support

Operating a service can be a daunting task. Balancing business needs while providing high quality education and cared for children can be overwhelming to say the least.

With over 30 years experience, we’re here to provide support that can help you get back in control to manage the business end of things, so that you can focus your time on what matters most – the children.

Perhaps you’re looking for guidance or support, or you could be looking to outsource aspects of the operational management of your Centre. We can help you to work through various cost-effective scenarios.

Not sure of where to start – we can conduct a 360 review as a starting point.

  • Complete service management
  • Strategic planning
  • Growing occupancy
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Human resources
  • Rostering
  • Recruitment
  • Operating Procedures
  • Governance and compliance
  • Funding submissions
  • Financial reporting

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