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Media Release – Welcoming a focus on the Early Years

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Media Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 21 February 2019  Welcoming a focus on the Early Years  Child Australia congratulates the McGowan Government’s commitment to children in their early years via the announcement of Our Priorities, a renewed focus on improving outcomes for Western Australians.   The objectives to improve health, wellbeing and education for our children, while ambitious, are most definitely attainable, [...]

e-Child TIMES December 2017

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2017 Summer Holiday Edition We are pleased to present this final edition of our e-Child TIMES for 2017. It is packed full of informative articles and great summer reading, we hope you enjoy it. Welcome to the final edition of e-child TIMES for 2017 and what a year it has been. As a sector, we have welcomed changes to the National Quality Framework, bid farewell to [...]

e-Child Times September 2017

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Welcome to a New Edition of e-Child Times. It’s a big week for Education and Care in Australia. The Sector will celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day on Wednesday 6th September and the United Voice ‘Big Steps Campaign’ will see thousands of educators across the country demonstrate their stance on pay inequality. It truly is wonderful to [...]

Media Release – Sustaining the Education and Care Sector’s PD

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Media Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 22 June 2017 Child Australia provides a long term sustainable approach to Professional Development for the Education and Care Sector Substantial Australian Government funding (known as the Long Day Care Professional Development Programme) for professional development across the education and care sector concludes on 30 June 2017. Child Australia, a not [...]

e-Child Times June 2017

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Welcome to a Special Edition of e-Child Times. With so much going in the sector at the moment, it is hard to find the perfect place to start for my first “CEO” entry. I’ll start with the biggest win for children we’ve seen in a long time, and that was Minderoo Foundation’s announcement of their $75 [...]

LDCPDP Funding: Use it or Lose it!

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LDCPDP: Use it or Lose it! 30th June is fast approaching and that will mark the end of the LDCPDP funding.  What does this mean for your Service? It means that if you haven’t yet spent your allocation of funds, you will need to repay it back to the Government. YES, you read that right; you [...]

e-Child Times March 2017

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Welcome to the March 2017 edition of e-Child Times. The latest edition of our e-newsletter is now available for download. We are pleased to present this edition of our e-newsletter which is packed full of entertaining articles and it also provides a snapshot of some of the activities that we have been involved in over the last [...]

e-Child Times December 2016

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Welcome to the December edition of e-Child Times. This is our last edition for the year and I am sure like me, you are looking forward to a break over the Christmas holidays that are almost upon us. 2016 saw the end of the Professional Support Coordinator (PSC) Program and with it the Government subsidised professional development for the ECEC sector. [...]

e-Child Times October 2016

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Welcome to the October edition of e-Child Times. It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the year, and I couldn’t possibly think about Christmas but there still a full schedule of activities and events on the calendar yet to come. Just one that I want to mention is the upcoming Forum Collaborating in Complexity that Child Australia [...]