Australia Day – a message from the CEO

13 Feb 2024
Australia Day – a message from the CEO Image

Child Australia CEO, Tina Holtom recently posted to LinkedIn

Earlier today I was asked about our organisations position on Australia Day… While this is always a sensitive topic, it’s time to be brave, it’s time to speak up.

My personal views are that we need to change the date and respect our Aboriginal people and their enduring trauma.

Yes I have attended Australia Day events, breakfasts and BBQs, but when we know better, when we educate ourselves and are better informed, we do better.

So today [Friday 20th January] we announced that staff are free to choose to work on 26th Jan and select another date to enjoy their day off. It’s certainly not easy to implement across our entire organisation and it will take time to roll out but we’re committed to our Reconciliation journey and we will kick off with our first stage ahead of next week.

1 day… it took us 1 day to discuss, agree, and execute this critical decision across our organisation.

Thank you to my Aboriginal colleagues & friends that continue to support my learning & growth. Truly grateful.